We are bilingual ministry Spanish and English which has been in existence since Easter day of 1999.

We incorporated as a dioceses in the state of California as a nonprofit faith based organization in Decemeber 28, 2009. Our Clergy are non stipend and in some cases married. We maintain our households and families by working in the secular world in our respective careers, following the example of Saint Paul of being worker priests for Christ.

We believe that all persons are worthy of God's compassionate love and redemption.

And that no one person can deny another person God's grace, which God gives to each freely. God grace is given to those who believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God, the Father, incarnate of a Virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our ministry provides spiritual discernment to meet your needs through the love of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ calls us to make disciples of all nations, not to label people, but rather to help others come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and Our Father, the Creator of all that is seen and unseen.

We look forward to meeting you.